IoT Botnets – A Guide From Semalt On How To Protect Your Computer

No doubt, Zeus, Tigerbot, and Droid Dream are the most common examples of mobile botnets which carry out their tasks and damage other platforms almost daily. However, the IoT emergence became a real event in the botnet field, which affected a large number of devices worldwide. The security of the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the main concerns these days. The evolution of the IoT botnets is the burning matters of cybersecurity nowadays. Another botnet we have to speak about is Mirai botnet that launched various high-profile DDoS attacks. It affected a large number of technical and non-technical devices. The IoT devices are widely used for professional and non-professional purposes. They follow strict security rules, but still, their functioning is not up to the mark.

How to detect and prevent the IoT botnet attacks?

You can easily detect and prevent the IoT attacks by sticking to the following methods offered by Igor Gamanenko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager:

Method №1: Basic cybersecurity measures:

This is the time when you should seriously think about detecting and preventing the IoT botnet attacks. The basic cybersecurity measures are not sufficient, which means you have to think of something else than the traditional techniques.

Method №2: Passive and active mechanisms:

There are different passive and active mechanisms for the detection of botnets and IoT attacks. The best botnet detection methods are based on the evaluation and analysis of traffic between the botmasters and bots.

Method №3: The HTTP services:

The botnets which depend on the HTTP services for their tasks and communications are difficult to detect. This is because the communication between the botmasters and the bots is always in the encrypted format.

Method №4: Collective Efforts

To prevent botnet attacks, you should adopt the collective efforts of enterprises, security experts, product companies, domain registrars, domain registries, cloud service providers, and local and international law enforcement companies.

Method №5: Coordinated technique and remediating the botnet attacks:

The coordinated and collective effort you need to detect, remove, notify, and remediate the botnet attack is avoiding suspicious websites and blogs. Awareness about the IoT botnets and cybersecurity is all you need to survive online. Plus, you should be aware of the cybersecurity threats and risks so that you can help the other users too. You should detect and protect the threats under the supervision of a cyber security officer. Defense is the only way you can detect the IoT botnet attacks and can prevent them to a great extent.


You should always remember that during botnet and IoT attacks, your computer gets infected by viruses spreading spam and sending phishing emails to the users. It aims to trap users to click on suspicious links and download strange files.